An employee owned and operated company, functioning on the virtue of dedication and the drive to succeed.

Travis Bechthold

Travis is VaporWerx's founder, chief web designer and lead architect on most of our web applications and websites. He has been writing code and designing websites since the late 90's and has watched the internet grow in scope to the effective business tool it is today. Travis has a passion for efficiency and effectiveness in his work in order to avoid costly and wasteful rework.

It's his design principles and passion for efficiency that make VaporWerx a great value and leading design firm.



Marc Stone

Marc serves as VaporWerx's administration officer and manages the day to day operations of the company. He holds a degree with an emphasis in management and finance from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining VaporWerx in late 2009 Marc worked as a strategic management consultant specializing in client interactions and marketing channel enhancement.

Marc is also a member of Minnesota Council for Quality and serves on the 2010 Baldridge Board of Evaluators for quality excellence.

Michael Adrian

Michael serves as the communications, public and customer relations, advertising, and marketing mind of VaporWerx. After participating for multiple years in sales, advertising, merchandising, modeling, and marketing sectors for big and small, retail and service industries companies alike.

Michael has joined up with VaporWerx to deliver their clients the tools to bring customers into their doors.